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"I have been seeing Cherise Jacques for cranial and visceral therapies for a good month now.  Knee and other body pains from a couple of serious injuries were just not healing.   For the first time since my car accident 3 1/2 years ago I am stepping out confidently.  Increased activity is helping my whole well-being.  Thank you Cherise!"

Sharon E.

"I've been seeing Cherise Jacques for a little over 2 months now. I began seeing her for treatment when I told her about my injuries related to an MVA a few years ago. She's gotten me mobile once again and in 2 months has gotten me farther then Massage, Chiro and Physio have gotten me in the last 3 years"

M. Edelmeier

"Cherise is a very intuitive healer and skilled practitioner. She has accomplished for me in three visits what dozens of massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists could not. I've been to three other craniosacral therapists, and Cherise has managed to alleviate so much more tension pain and pressure from various areas in my body, more effectively and more efficiently. I do not hesitate to recommend her for anyone that's dealing with any sort of musculoskeletal pain, TMJ symptoms, headaches or any other sort of pain or discomfort be it subtle or obvious, she will get to the bottom of it. She is simply amazing and I'm so grateful to to have found her. Thank you Cherise!"
Hasina W.

Frequenty asked questions

  • What to expect at your first session?  Our goal is to improve and maintain your overall health and to empower you with an understanding of your condition and create a unique wellness plan.  Upon your first visit we will take a brief history.  This may include physical testing to establish range of motion and discover limitations, which may be repeated from time to time.  Osteopathy is a hands on therapy and as performed in our office you will remain fully clothed during our session.  We suggest you wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in, work out gear is preferred.  We want you to be comfortable so we will have warm blankets, pillows and an adjustable table to meet your needs.  When dealing with children it is often good to bring along some favourite books or toys.  If you would like some suggestions please feel free to call or email.  With your newborns we are happy to work while nursing and sleeping so no need to adjust your schedule. Some of the work is very relaxing and may put you to sleep as it can get very deep into the nervous system.  Osteopathy can also involve deep tissue therapy and performing small movements assisted by the practitioner and may feel more active.  Due to the nature of the work it is good not to plan something immediately after as I often suggest a small stroll to integrate before driving you car.

  • Are Manual Osteopathic services registered?  Yes, the Manual Osteopathic services we offer are registered.  Cherise Jacques is part of the BCAOMP (BC Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners) as well as nationally with Alliance Canadienne de Médecine Alternative (ACMA).  Both of these registrations number will appear on your receipts.

  • Is Manual Osteopathy covered by MSP?  Currently in BC it is not covered by MSP.

  • Is Manual Osteopathy covered by extended health care?  In many instances yes, it may be covered through your extended health care plans.  You will need to speak with your provider to determine if they will cover these services.  Keep in mind some plan providers may ask for a Doctors referral to our services, so you may want to check with them first.

  • Do you provide direct billing?  At this time we do not deal directly with any insurance provider although we may already be listed as providers with some insurance carriers.  Coverage is based on your plan but we are happy to speak with your insurer if we are not already listed with them.