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Cherise Jacques RMO, CST-T

An Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinic

An Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinic

Cherise Jacques is a Registered Manual Osteopath and Certified Craniosacral Therapist. She has been working in the field of craniosacral and visceral manipulation for over 10 years.  She is also  a registered yoga instructor and reiki practitioner.  

Cherise has trained in the areas of paediatrics and obstetrics with Craniosacral therapy and is very passionate about working with families.  She continues to dig deeper in the realm of high impact injury, concussions and the brain.  She is currently working a in a new area of therapy called Pathogenics and is offering this as a separate but complimentary modality to her Osteopathic practice.

Cherise has been a professional actor for her entire adult life.  She has a passion for dancing, painting and designing.  A sports enthusiast she enjoys tennis, yoga, paddle boarding and has also been known to compete in dragon boat racing.  Cherise is equally passionate about horses, enjoys horse riding and dressage and simply cannot get enough of them!  Horses are what inspired her down this path.  Equine craniosacral therapy is one of her most beloved offerings in this field of practice.

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Osteopathic care can relieve back pain and chronic pain from injuries

An Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinic

An Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinic

An Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinic

We are very excited to announce we have joined The Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada.  It is the largest  privately owned chronic pain clinic in the world, with more than 227 clinics across Canada, USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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